Artist profile

Sarah has lived in the picturesque Adelaide Hills for 20 years, and thrives in the environment that constantly inspires her to see the beauty and meaning in life's simplest of pleasures.

During 2020, a time of deep reflection, it became apparent to Sarah that throughout her creative practice, there has been one dominating theme.


Symbolic of 'new beginnings' and in many cultures considered 'a sign of enlightenment and illumination' - now feels like the perfect time to explore the endless creative possibilities inspired by these little feathered wonders of our natural world.  

Sarah captures a unique warmth and playfulness to her work, ultimately evoking a sense of the unadulterated wonder and curiosity we experienced as kids.


Formally trained at Adelaide Central School of Art, Sarah enjoys working with oil paints and found objects.

She adores working with gouache and colour pencil, often creating a magical whimsy to her compositions. This alluring mixed media combination beautifully blends traditional fine art and illustration techniques.

Sarah was winner of the Australian Society of Authors Picture Book Illustration Mentorship Program in 2009, where she worked under the guidance of esteemed illustrator Craig Smith. 


Logo large

At the time of creating this logo, these racy red 42 year old shoes represented the courage, curiosity, strength and bravery that naturally occurred to Sarah as a child. They carried her through the seasons and allowed an uninhibited exploration of our incredible world.

The necklace belonged to her Gran and represents the strength, independence and tenacity she possessed. Her name will remain the core of what Sarah's art practice is all about...

G rowth

R eflection

A uthenticity

N ostalgia

The Sarah Braybrook logo is made with love, hand drawn using watercolour and pencil. Each shape represents a year of Sarah's life, some perfect, some not so much, but all unique and meaningful, and part of her evolution.