Cello Girl

50cm (W) x 40cm (H)
Gouache and Colour Pencil

Sarah Braybrook
Cello Girl
1 / 50 (Limited edition)
A young girl had dreamt for her whole life, of playing a cello to the sunset on a farm - so one day she did.

'Cello Girl' has captured the imagination and hearts of many, who experience that feeling of dreaming big and finally taking the leap, knowing everything is possible.

2016 saw this inspiring artwork appear on page 3 in Ann Kullberg's 'CP Hidden Treasures 3 Magazine'.

This publication produced in the USA, showcases the incredible possibilities of the humble coloured pencil.

The original art is sold, however the work is available as a limited edition, signed and numbered, archival quality giclee print. Please click below for more details.