Quietly Curious

42cm (W) x 29.5cm (H)
Gouache and Colour Pencil

Sarah Braybrook
Two Sheep and a moment in time
Two Sheep taking a moment in time, to quietly observe a passer by and remind us how wonderful life is when we remain curious.

Being in nature, and exploring the wonders of the natural world as we all know is calming and helps us to remain present. 

And when we are present enough, we begin to see the joy in moments, the simple moments.

One beautiful sunny day in the Adelaide Hills, I was passing by two newly shorn sheep, who were simply minding their own business, and grazing on the fresh Spring grass.

They sensed my presence, and looked up at me with such a quiet curiosity - the moment was captivating.

When our eyes connected I was reminded to see the beauty of joy in every day moments and how wonderful it is to remain curious. 

The original art is not for sale, however the work is available as a limited edition, archival quality giclee print. Please send an inquiry.

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