Free Ranging

Original was created using Gouache and Colour Pencil. Only available as limited edition giclee prints.

Sarah Braybrook
Heritage Chickens Free Ranging
A Wyandotte, Orpington, Plymouth Rock and Frizzle, free ranging in search of delicious, juicy morsels, in the serenity of a lush Spring garden.

A wonderful way to achieve a relaxed state of mind, and quickly! is to watch a flock of chickens who have just been let out of their coop for a free range into a lush Spring garden! 

The excitement and antics of chooks, scratching and foraging for a plentiful bounty of worms and bugs, will simply add a smile to your day.

This original work was inspired by my dear friend Amelia, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Heritage chickens. We have shared many cups of tea, and laughter as we'd stroll through her garden, watching the chooks, 'being chooks'.

The original art is sold, however the work is available as a signed limited edition, archival quality giclee print, in sizes A4 and A3. Please click below for more details.

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